State of Emergency Declared for Maryland by Governor Larry Hogan

by MCS Staff
Notes from Governor Hogan’s 10am press conference by Gov. Hogan’s Deputy Communications Director, Kata Hall:
– COVID HOSPITALIZATIONS. Today, Maryland hit a record high of 3,057 COVID hospitalizations, which is an increase of more than 500% in the last 7 weeks.
Gov Hogan says the next 4-6 weeks will be the most challenging of the pandemic. Newest projections show that COVID hospitalizations could reach more than 5,000, which is more than 250% higher than the previous peak.
– STATE OF EMERGENCY. Governor Hogan declares a 30-day state of emergency to take urgent short-term actions to combat the COVID-19 winter surge.
-REGULATION OF HOSPITAL PERSONNEL, BED SPACE, SUPPLIES. Governor Hogan has signed an executive order that authorizes the @MDHealthDept Secretary to:
✅direct and expedite the transfer of patients between hospitals
✅establish additional alternate care facilities
✅allow interstate reciprocity for health care licenses
✅allow inactive health care practitioners to practice without needing to reinstate their expired license
✅authorize graduate nurses to work at any health care facility and provide full nursing services
– EXPANSION OF EMS WORKFORCE. Governor Hogan has signed another executive order to further augment our EMS workforce.
– MOBILIZATION OF MARYLAND NATIONAL GUARD. At the governor’s direction, we are mobilizing 1,000 @MDNG members to assist state and local health officials with the state’s emergency pandemic response.
Approximately 250 @MDNG members will be deployed to support COVID-19 testing sites at hospitals and skilled nursing facilities, and to assist with patient transport as needed.
– Additional @MDNG members will be assigned to support operations at the state’s two new testing sites at @UpperChesapeake in Bel Air and @AAMCNews in Annapolis.
These sites are accepting walk-ups seven days a week from 9am-3pm.
– 20 NEW HOSPITAL-ADJACENT TESTING SITES. The @MDNG will assist with opening 20 new testing sites outside Maryland hospitals in order to meet rising demand for testing and to divert people away from visiting emergency rooms for COVID tests.
– Gov Hogan continues to encourage vaccinations/boosters. In 2021:
-75% of Marylanders who tested positive for COVID were not fully vaccinated
-84% of COVID hospitalizations were people who were not fully vaccinated
-84% of COVID deaths in Maryland were not fully vaccinated
– BOOSTERS FOR 12- TO 15-YEAR-OLDS. Following the latest action from the FDA, the State of Maryland is now able to provide COVID-19 booster shots for children between the ages of 12 and 15.
Marylanders are also now eligible to get a booster *5 months* after completing their primary doses of either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine.
The governor urges federal officials to consider shortening that time period even further for those in nursing homes.
– SCHOOLS. To keep schools safely open, the governor continues to encourage parents to get more school-aged children vaccinated.
To date, 33% of 5- to 11-year-olds in Maryland have been vaccinated.
– Face coverings are now required in *all* state government buildings in Maryland.
To encourage booster shots, the state is now providing 2 hours of paid leave for any state employee to get a booster.
– Governor Hogan urges other employers to incentivize vaccination/boosters and encourage mask wearing.
Hogan: “It’s important for Marylanders to go back to using common sense and doing the things that will keep us safe: avoiding crowds, keeping your distance, washing your hands, and yes—once again—wearing the damn masks.”
– FEDERAL ACTION. Gov Hogan calls on the Biden administration to take immediate action to:
✅Increase distribution of monoclonal antibodies
✅Expedite approval of more rapid tests and increase production/distribution
✅Expedite production/allocation of COVID antiviral pills

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