Taste MoCo’s Best Pizza in MoCo Tournament: Round of 32


Best Pizza in MoCo: Round of 32

We are now in the second round of the Best Pizza in MoCo tournament! These tournaments are a fun way to shine a little light on local restaurants. We urge you to support your favorites and consider refraining from badmouthing any restaurant.

The first round averaged ~3,000 votes per contest and the restaurant that receives the most advances.

Voting takes place in the @TasteMoCo Instagram story and each round lasts for 24 hours. The result of every matchup can be found in the “Best Pizza” highlight.

As a reminder, we included every restaurant that was nominated and did not include any restaurants that have more locations outside of MoCo than in (unless the first location was in MoCo).

Read more about every restaurant included in the tournament here: Best Pizza in MoCo Tournament



52 Comments on "Taste MoCo’s Best Pizza in MoCo Tournament: Round of 32"

  1. '
  2. Frankly, Pizza!

  3. Gentlemen Jim’s

  4. Every time Mamma Lucia’s and Fontina make it through a round this list gets exponentially less credible…

  5. Am I missing something? Ledo??

  6. yea you people havent tried emma rossi yet.

  7. Rachel Shuster | December 27, 2020 at 2:56 am | Reply


  8. Potomac pizza

  9. Stained glass pub

  10. Christina Filis | December 27, 2020 at 6:46 am | Reply


  11. Frankly, Pizza

  12. Ledos , or gepettos ?

  13. Why Ben Yehuda’s Pizza is not in the Bracket!!!! They are the best pizza!!!

    • They were not nominated

      • Nominated by whom?
        I second Ben Yahuda’s, and you need to “nominate” them as well as Manny’s in Kensington (not the same as Manny & Olga’s).

        Or I guess you could take the winner and pit them against all those that were left off.

        • That’s now how the tournament works. We opened up nominations on our website and social media on December 19th for ~ five days and were able to include every restaurant that was nominated (minus the ineligible restaurants).

  14. Gentlemen Jims

  15. Pizza queen of Montgomery county | December 27, 2020 at 11:09 am | Reply

    Reading comprehension is key people!!

  16. Il Porto white w fantina!

  17. Il Porto (especially their white pizza)!!

  18. Coal Fire 🔥?

    • Coal Fire has most of its locations outside of MoCo and did nothing start in MoCo, so it’s not eligible for this tournament.

  19. Pacci’s has a great pizza!

  20. @Armands’s Pizzeria& Grille

  21. Fontina & Giuseppi’s

  22. Is their a way to disqualify all? They all suck.

    This whole damn area wouldn’t know a good pizza if it hit them in the face. Surprised dominos isn’t on here. Same quality

  23. Still can’t believe Vace is out of the running already!

    • Agreed Vace is one of the few places that have a good pie in the area. For all of those people talking about Ledo’s…. Ledo’s is absolute trash.

  24. Natali Fani-González | December 27, 2020 at 8:14 pm | Reply

    Ben Yehuda Pizza in Kemp Mill. Absolutely delicious.

  25. Diann Richards | December 27, 2020 at 9:48 pm | Reply

    Stain Glass Pub

  26. Pizzeria da Marco should have been nominated!

  27. Oh thanks I missed that, shocked Pizzeria Da Marco got the boot in the first round!

  28. Sole d italia all day

  29. Armands!!!

  30. Armands pizzeria and grill

  31. Tally Ho in Potomac, great pizza since 1968 Two favorites are Sausage & Spinach and the White Pizza, you wont be disappointed.

  32. I vote for Armond’s

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