The Pickle Bar is Back at Parkway Deli

by MCS Staff

The pickle bar at Parkway has been a favorite for many loyal customers, but was removed because of Covid. After an absence of over two years, Parkway announced via social media that the “PICKLE BAR is Now Open!!!!” Below you’ll see a Pastrami and Corned Beef sandwich, courtesy of @TasteMoCo.

About Parkway: After working in the Deli business most of his life, Lou Gurewitz opened Parkway Deli in 1963 with his Sister, Rose and her husband Mike. They called it Parkway Deli because it was close to the park (Rock Creek park). Lou’s oldest son, Stuart who also grew up in the deli biz took over in 1974. With a lot of hard work and long hours, Stuart turned Parkway Deli into the institution that it is today. After over 30 years, Stuart retired. Now in it’s third generation of operation, Stuart’s two sons, Danny and Gary continue on with the deli tradition.


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