Wednesday Night Update on Clopper Rd Water Main Repair

by MCS Staff

Per WSSC at 6:41pn on Wednesday, November 16th: Water main on Clopper Rd in Germantown was repaired this afternoon. Water has been restored to all impacted customers. Crews will now begin road repairs & paving overnight. One lane remains open alternating traffic direction.

Previous updates: The 24” water main repairs continue at Clopper Rd, between Mateny and Game Preserve, according to a social media posting by WSSC Water. “The large pipe has been dug up and will be cut out and replaced at site of break as soon as water flow within the pipe can be completely stopped. This is often a challenge… getting valves to hold closed.”

Last night, WSSC wrote that “crews are working as quickly as possible in these challenging weather conditions to make repairs to the Clopper Rd 24” water main. Fixing a pipe of this size is not a quick fix. We appreciate your patience as our work continues thru the night.”

When asked about a possible timeframe, WSSC responded with “We continue to work as quickly as possible but large repairs like this one take time. The water will not be restored this morning. We still have to cut out the broken section of pipe and replace it. We continue to drain the old section before we can cut it out.” and “Digging is complete but we cannot cut out the old pipe until we get all water drained from broken section. When the valves in the area of the break don’t hold it takes longer to drain the pipe before it can be cut out and replaced.”


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