MCPS BOE Decides to Delay in-Person Return Until March 15 at Earliest


MCPS BOE Decides to Delay in-Person Return Until March 15 at Earliest

Today, the Board of Education voted during their virtual meeting to delay student and staff return to buildings. They have announced that March 15 will be the earliest day that students and staff will could conduct learning in person.

Previously, the Board of Education had named a possible return date of February 1.

Per a tweet by @MCPS, the return to in-person learning will only happen on March 15 “on the condition that health metrics are met or guidance is adjusted as a result of vaccine distribution. The Board will meet on Feb. 23 to determine if metrics can be met.”

The health metrics needed for returning to schools can be found here:

According to the MCPS COVID-19 dashboard, the county is currently at a positivity rate of 45.4 cases per 100k people over an average of 14 days. This is significantly higher than the recommended case rate for safe return to buildings, which is 15 positive cases per 100k people over a 14 day average.

This afternoon, MCPS released an update for parents, staff, and students alerting them of the change in date for planned return to buildings. The full update can be found here. 

The update also addressed some improvements that will be made to improve student learning experiences. Per the update, these improvements include:

  • Focused outreach services for struggling students
  • Greater use of the Wednesday virtual check-in day for students who need academic and social-emotional support
  • At the secondary level, providing opportunities to request an abbreviated schedule to lighten course load and take a course over the summer or in future semesters instead
  • Relaxing restrictions to allow students to take up to two courses Credit/No Credit (also known as Pass/Fail) instead of a letter grade
  • Providing additional instructional times that may involve Saturdays, including for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate courses
  • Tutoring and homework help options
  • Providing additional professional development for staff to help strengthen the virtual learning experience

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  1. The only shocking part is that they did suggested March 15th will be the day they return to school. That is not going to happen. Virtual School is failing the kids and MCPS has not attempted to improve that experience.

  2. Yes, it’s true. A NBC 4 report not so long ago it say about %50 percent were having worse grades than last year.

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