Catalyst Hot Dogs is Now Open in Calverton (Silver Spring)

by MCS Staff

“Just a kid from Jersey with a dream.” The new food truck that serves New Jersey style hot dogs has opened for business today. The hot dogs will cost between $3-$5 and will include a variety of topping options. Per the Catalyst Hot Dogs website (menu available in link):

”Owner/operator, Chris Van Jura, has been a member of the Hospitality Industry for nearly 20 years. Over this time he has, on a daily basis, done what every Hospitalian does, which is put the attention and focus on the guest. During this time, he has relocated to the DMV, found love and started a family. He has devoted hundreds of hours to the needs of others—and now, through the pandemic and two furloughs, he has made a choice: We’re getting into the Hot Dog business!”

Catalyst Hot Dogs is located at 2900 Broadbirch Drive, behind the Orchard Center and near the Home Depot.


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Raj Deshmukh December 3, 2020 - 3:38 am

When are you coming to downtown crown??? Wanna grab some dogs.


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