Civil War History in Poolesville


Civil War History in Poolesville

The Town of Poolesville is filled with all kinds of interesting history from the Civil War.

More soldiers passed through Poolesville than any other town in Montgomery County.

Poolesville was the Headquarters of Union Brigade General Charles P. Stones 12,000 Man Corps of Observation during the early days of Civil War.

The Cemetery at the Methodist Church just off West Willard Road serves as a burial place for both Union and Confederate soldiers.

The Methodist Church was a buzz of activity during the Civil War. It was used as a Union signal post, a telegraph office, and a hospital.

Skirmishes also occurred in Poolesville in September, November, and December of the year 1862 and in July of 1864.

Confederate commanders as Col. John Mosby, Lt. Col. Lige White and Gen. John McCausland used White’s Ferry (then Conrad’s Ferry) to cross their cavalry over the Potomac River.

By Tom Merritt


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