Einstein High School Community Pushes Back Against Plan to Replace School’s Tennis Courts With Classroom Portables

by MCS Staff

A plan to replace the Einstein High School tennis courts with classroom portables does not seem to be a popular one for the Einstein community, as a petition against the plan, created two days ago, has already gained 600 signatures. The official Einstein High School football team twitter account has also asked MCPS about this move, “Day 1: Hey @MCPS why are you taking away facilities from our school and community for more portables? Putting portables on tennis courts? Please provide and explanation and cite your evidence as to how this is equitable to our students” The petition states the following:

“Plans are being made to replace the Einstein Tennis Courts with classroom portables. This would take away 3 courts and leave the Tennis Program to practice on just the 4 courts that belong to Newport Mill Middle School. This would leave 2 courts per team which would create cramped and unproductive practices. We also need all 7 courts for our games, and leaving the team with 4 would make our games last significantly longer.

The Girl’s Tennis Team has seen a lot of growth this past season and attracted over 20 new players. We have worked hard to create a safe and welcoming environment for every level of player, and taking away our courts would make this hard to sustain.

This change would not only affect the Tennis Teams but would also prevent the Net Sports class from making tennis a part of their curriculum. Einstein does not have access to the Newport Mill MS courts during school hours. Leaving the Net Sports class to stay inside.

We hope you take a minute to sign this petition to get AEHS and MCPS administration’s attention to begin the process of brainstorming another place to put the portables.”

Featured photo courtesy of the Change.org petition.


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