Maintenance Truck Struck Monday on I-270 in Gaithersburg

This attenuator was struck on I-270 in Gaithersburg on Monday

Featured Photo Courtesy of TrafFix Devices, Inc.


Around 11AM Monday morning, a Maryland State Highway Administration Contractor was conducting a mobile sweeping operation on Northbound I-270 near West Diamond Avenue (MD-117) in Gaithersburg. As the sweeping convoy was headed northbound, a passing SUV crashed into one of the Contractor’s trucks.

Fortunately, no injuries were reported in this crash. That was, at least in part, due to the fact that the truck that was hit was equipped with a Scorpion Truck Mounted Attenuator. These attenuators absorb the impact of striking vehicles, protecting workers ahead while also protecting the occupants of the vehicle by bringing it to a slower stop than if it just ran right into the back of the actual truck.

The Maryland State Rockville Barrack handled the crash report for this incident. Information about any citations remained unknown Tuesday morning.

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