MCFRS Respond to Fire at Rockville Restaurant Sunday Morning

by Patrick Herron

Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Services responded to a fire at Eerkin’s Uyghur Cuisine at 1701 Rockville Pike # B1 in Rockville on Sunday morning around around 10am.  First responders arrived to the sprinkler/warer flow alarm going off and smoke coming from building.  According to Chief Spokesperson for MCFRS, the fire was located in the kitchen and has been put out. There were no injures reported and the building inspector and health department have been requested.

According to its website, “EERKIN’S has been serving quality Uyghur foods to its customers. Our Uyghur ethnic chefs with ancestors from Uyghur’s who are well-informed about the ancient recipes allowing us to offer the centuries old Uyghur foods. The usage of fresh vegetables, meat, beef, chicken and fish makes our Uyghur cuisine the most-tasty and mouthwateringly delicious food.” The restaurant features a tea bar and menu items include Cold Lamb Salad, Baba Ghanoush, Kebab, Chow Mei Fun (Uyghur Spicy Noodles), and Roasted Quails. The restaurant also has locations in Fairfax, VA and DC.

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