Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Montgomery Village


Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Montgomery Village

Signage has been erected for Curaleaf dispensary at 10011 Stedwick Rd in Montgomery Village (formerly Capital One).

Curaleaf is the largest cannabis dispensary in the United States and has three other locations in Montgomery County, two in Gaithersburg and one in Takoma Park.

This dispensary, which hasn’t opened yet, is actually listed for sale. According to a LoopNet listing the asking price is currently $3,053,500.

The listing states that the dispensary will open by the end of 2020.



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4 Comments on "Medical Marijuana Dispensary to Open in Montgomery Village"

  1. Just what we need in Montgomery Village, we don’t have enough problems here. Everyone will be getting perscriptions and going there. We’ve had an increase in crime, robberies and breaking into cars. The change started to take place once the metro came upcounty. The demographics changed and a lot of people moved out of the Village. If you go on the other side of 270 it’s a whole different world.

    • I don’t see what the problem is. It would be legal, and there will be business. People are already using Marijuana whether or not this opens, and the majority of the country is ready for legalization across the country because many of us no longer believe in the war on drugs and the destruction it’s policies brought to families/communities. The demographics will continue to change. The suburbs of the 90s and earlier are a thing of the past, and I for one am grateful for that.

    • You comment fits the standard NIMBY approach to change. The change you reference did not occur due to metro coming to “upcounty”. The closest metro station, Shady Grove, is 5 mi. away. Hardly a criminal in their right mind will commit an offense and make a fast get away on metro. The changes in the MV area are the results of gentrification, and community maturation. As the area aged and its residents died or moved, the area became less attractive to future residents. Couple that with the rise in newer communities and the value of old MV declines. That is the impetus for lower housing values. attracting residents with lower, qualifying incomes. This changes the demographics of “your MV” dramatically.

  2. While I’d like to see some decent bars/restaurants, I have no problem with this.

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