Montgomery County Planning Board to be Briefed on Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan Working Draft at Today’s (October 28) Meeting

by MCS Staff

The Montgomery County Planning Department will present the Working Draft of the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan to the Montgomery County Planning Board at its Thursday, October 28 meeting.

The Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan builds upon the success of the 2000 Silver Spring Central Business District Sector Plan, which envisioned a green, transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly downtown with a strong commercial and residential development market.

During the meeting, Montgomery Planning staff will discuss the recommendations, the schedule for the plan, and the next steps with the Planning Board. This is the first time staff will present the plan’s draft recommendations to the Planning Board and follows the July 29, 2021 presentation to the Board on the plan’s big ideas and the October 25 virtual community meeting.

View the Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan Working Draft

“Downtown Silver Spring has changed dramatically over the last 20 years to become the lively residential and business district it is today,” said Montgomery Planning Director Gwen Wright. “The Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan builds upon that success while incorporating the feedback of over 500 stakeholders. This plan truly represents the comments of residents, community members, and business owners and we continue to welcome everyone’s feedback during the plan’s next steps.”

“We want to make sure we got the plan’s recommendations right to allow Silver Spring to continue to grow and prosper,” said Project Manager Atara Margolies. “We have learned so much from the community so far and now we are ready to take the next steps in the planning process.”

On October 25, Planning staff shared an overview of the draft recommendations for the plan during a virtual event called “Silver Spring Tomorrow.” The event, which was closed captioned live in multiple languages, also gave community members the opportunity to ask staff questions. This event followed “Silver Spring Today,” the planning team’s presentation of the existing conditions analysis in February, and a series of interactive Visioning Workshops held in the spring. The team also received hundreds of comments on an interactive, online map of the plan area.

View “Silver Spring Tomorrow: Presentation of the Draft Silver Spring Downtown and Adjacent Communities Plan to the Community”

The Working Draft includes both area-wide and district-specific recommendations. These eight districts are: South Silver Spring, Falklands District, Downtown North, Metro Center, Ripley District, Ellsworth District, Fenton Village and Adjacent Communities. As the first Sector Plan to follow the passage of Montgomery County’s Racial Equity and Social Justice Act, equity is woven throughout the plan and the four overarching themes that emerged after engaging with stakeholders:

  • Diversity
  • Resiliency
  • Connectivity
  • Community Health

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