Sears White Oak Location to Close


Sears White Oak Location to Close

The Sears located at 11255 New Hampshire Ave in Silver Spring was among the stores recently announced to be closing it’s doors.

A brief history of the store, from a recent Forbes article: “the Silver Spring Sears opened in early 1966 and stands as a symbol of the company’s suburban initiatives. It’s a stand-alone store, not located within a mall. There was a time when Sears carried practically everything. It didn’t need to attach itself to an enclosed shopping mall.”

Last week we reported that the KMart at 14014 Connecticut Ave in Aspen Hill will also be closing.

Sears Holdings was formed in 2004 after they were acquired by KMart.  The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2018.

The Montgomery Mall location closed in 2018 and Lakeforsest Mall location in 2019.

Read about the additional Sears stores closing here. 

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  2. wow shame about SEARS. I remember everything in our house was from Sears back in the 60’s and 70’s. My first credit card was a sears card, then it turned into the discover card.

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