Taste MoCo: Best Deli in MoCo Tournament Winner


Taste MoCo: Best Deli in MoCo Tournament Winner: Filippo’s Italian Specialties in Wheaton

Filippo Leo has worked at the deli for over 30 years. He took over the deli back in 2012, a year after founder Thomas Marchone passed away. The deli, located at 11224 Triangle Lane in Wheaton, opened in 1955 and operated as Marchone’s until 2014.


3 Comments on "Taste MoCo: Best Deli in MoCo Tournament Winner"

  1. Not one store on that list is a real deli. Not one.

    Also, the “winner”, like most other Italian Deli’s is really just 5 salamis hanging from the ceiling and a couple of cento can’s and people think its a little Italy replica.

    This town woudlnt know a good pastrami or a good canoli if it slapped them in the face.

    Typical MoCo….gushing over mediocrity

    • Hamilton Quant | May 1, 2021 at 9:03 am | Reply

      Can you provide a few examples of what you consider a “real” deli, whether located in MoCo or some other county/state/country? And what is your definition of a real deli?

  2. I looked at the brackets….COULD BE THE DUMBEST LISTING I’VE SEEN!!!
    Bethesda Bagel isn’t a deli, nor is Bagletowne. There are Jewish Delis and Italian Delis Separate them into different categories. It’s almost like putting OUTBACK STEAKHOUSE in a competition w Capital Grille, or BLT, or Eddie V.

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