Three of the Top Five Most Viewed Zip Codes in the DC Area on Zillow are in MoCo

by MCS Staff

None of the D.C. area’s top zip codes for homebuyers are in the District, according to a Zillow analysis highlighted in a report by Axios.

They’re all in suburbs and even exurbs of the city, including one in West Virginia. Three of the five can be found right here in MoCo.

Per Axios, “The online real estate marketplace tracked which ZIP codes had the highest number of average website views in the D.C. metro.”

The top 5, which were not presented in order include the following MoCo zip codes:

20854: This includes part of Potomac. The typical home value in this area is $1,073,039, according to Zillow, up 12.8% from last year.

20851: This covers part of Rockville and North Bethesda. The typical home value in this area is $468,035, a 9.9% increase over the last year.

20905: This area primarily consists of Cloverly. The typical home value in this area is $594,147, an 11.6% increase over the last year.

Dan Reed of Just Up The Pike referred to Cloverly as “Potomac-sized houses without Potomac prices.”

The MoCoShow’s real estate expert, Nurit Coombe of The Agency DC and Team Nurit, says “Montgomery County has always been attractive. People are moving out of DC for more space.”

”We have great schools, excellent services, new shopping centers and restaurants, and a lot has changed in the past few years.”


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