Tipico Dominicano Now Open in Rockville

Tipico Dominicano, which started as a food truck on New Hampshire Avenue in Takoma Park and Georgia Avenue in Wheaton, has taken over the recently closed Flor De Luna location at 11417 Woodglen Drive in Rockville.

The restaurant offers Dominican specialties like picadera (finger foods you can eat with your hands), salami frito (fried salami), queso frito (fried cheese), chicken/cheese/beef pastelitos, and more.

Flor De Luna closed last month after five years. The transition to Tipico has been quick, as the new restaurant has already opened.

Flor De Luna signage is still up above the restaurant, but you will see Tipico signage in the windows (photo below).

Featured photo shows the picadera mixta, from the restaurant’s Instagram account.



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