Weather Cooperates this Weekend for Pool Lovers

by MCS Staff

Weather Cooperates this Weekend for Pool Lovers

Last week we discussed the disappointing weather for pool lovers and those who generally enjoy being outside for Memorial Day weekend, as the area was dealing with chilly temperatures and rain for most of the weekend.

Though things got better on Monday in regards to the rain, the low 70s were still not warm enough for most to make it out to the pool. This weekend will do its best to make up for it as both today and tomorrow will see temperatures in the 90s with plenty of sun.

Temps are expected to reach the low 90s today with virtually no chance at any rain. It’ll feel like the upper 90s with humidity. Tomorrow will feel even warmer as we reach the mid 90s with humidity making it feel like it’s about 100°.

If you didn’t get a chance to make it to the pool yet, this may be your opportunity. Temperatures are also expected to hover around 90° for the better part of next week until things cool down a bit for the weekend.

Featured photo courtesy of the National Weather Service.


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