Kusshi Sushi Snack Mart Now Fully Open


Kusshi Sushi Snack Mart Now Fully Open

Kusshi Sushi in Pike & Rose has taken an extra step to adapt to current conditions by adding a “snack mart” to their restaurant.

The snack mart features over 260 different snacks and drinks from various Asian countries and will soon come with an online store that will contain pictures and descriptions of each of the items.

Owner Wesley Yao tells us that “about 80% of the snacks come from Japan and the other 20% come from Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, and China.”

Some of the snacks featured include matcha Kit Kats, assorted instant ramen flavors that are not available in many grocery stores, various Pocky flavors, an assortment of candy, and uniquely flavored potato chips (Kyushu seaweed, Hokkaido cheese, chicken, yakitori, and more).

The restaurant is also celebrating its second year anniversary and you can receive 20% off orders of the Kusshi menu or any snack from the snack mart when you use code: Spooky, and order via Chow Now for carry-out (valid until Thursday, 10/29)

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  2. Like I haven’t eaten since the snack after lunchtime snack! I’m going there!

  3. I ended up getting so much there! Lots of candy and ramen!

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