New Retail Development Coming to Kensington


New Retail Development Coming to Kensington

Site plans are being developed for Kensington Crossing, a new retail development that will be located at 10619 Connecticut Avenue (at Plyers Mill Road) in Kensington

From their website: “Kensington Crossing is a new 11,000 square foot retail development located in Kensington, MD, one of the most highly sought after and under-served retail submarkets in the greater Washington, DC Market.

Kensington Crossing offers convenient small shop space and an extremely rare drive-thru.”

It appears as though the development will be divided into four different spaces with one having the potential for a drive-thru.

Editors note: We love seeing the altered names in renderings… “Satrbukcs” and “Vaca” 😊

What would you like to see, Kensington?

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16 Comments on "New Retail Development Coming to Kensington"

  1. Where will Hawkins go? 🙁

    • Elaine Roecklein | January 17, 2021 at 8:08 pm | Reply

      Another Montgomery County development DISASTER coming to Kensington soon! I am so tired of our elected officials on the County Council – cement, asphalt, pro-developer, high rise crazy, growth oriented folks. They don’t give a damn about the traffic nightmare exists on this road-especially at this particular corner. All they care about is INCREASING TAX $$$$$$$$$.

  2. Wait! What’s happening to the farm stand that’s there now?? That place is a gem!!

  3. This intersection already is a complete nightmare during morning and evening rush hours. Thisndevelopment, compounded with all the new senior housing, will do nothing but increase the gridlock!

  4. Traffic nightmare for those of us living in Plyers Mill Rd neighborhoods! What’s the plan???

  5. Thanks for the news!

    Ya… this is nice until, you know, you think about it. Running out Hawkins, horrible traffic, more chains I’m sure (like we need another MyeyeDr), AND there won’t be enough parking.

    Let us know if you hear of any public hearings!!

  6. Single floor retail is a poor use of land and only serves to perpetuate unsustainable sprawl. It’s sad that so many developers and county planners can’t see past it. This close to a train station there should be several stories of housing with some first floor retail oriented to the neighborhood.

  7. The problem with putting housing above the retail in this particular location is that underground parking would then have to be provided, and there’s really not enough room for maneuvering for even that. It’s just not a good plot to work with so this would be the best of a bad situation/location. Bordered by train tracks, a busy CT avenue, a one way Plyers Mill Rd, and abutting the 7-Eleven/Baskin Robbins on the rear does not leave a whole lot of room.

  8. Ashley Del Sole | January 15, 2021 at 2:59 pm | Reply

    I agree with the need for housing above – missed opportunity. Has this passed the planning board / town council yet?

  9. PLEASE let there be a Cava here!

  10. Will there be a public restroom?

  11. New drive thru krispy creme !!

  12. I like the single floor retail set up. While typically not ideal, this is the best use of space on that plot because it isn’t large enough for a mixed use development. Almost anything will be much better than the overpriced produce next to a grocery store. Thank goodness the prior self storage proposal didn’t go through. Kensington could use mixed use development where the endless amount of auto body shops and gas stations are located. EV will knock those out soon enough.

  13. Deacon Maccubbin | January 21, 2021 at 4:41 pm | Reply

    The name Kensington Crossing is already in use. Kensington Crossing HOA is a 21-year-old homeowners association just a few blocks East of this proposed development on Plyers Mil.

  14. The gas station there now use to be a Sinclair gas station. The one with the big green dinosaur

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