Update on Shoppers Grocery Stores

We received an update on Shoppers grocery stores this morning.

UPDATED to reflect the Glenmont location has been sold).

An announcement was made last year that UNFI would acquire SUPERVALU. UNFI was clear in its plan to divest the retail business, which includes the Shoppers Food banner.

We are told that UNFI announced an agreement to sell 13 Shoppers locations to three separate grocery operators. They will also close four additional Shoppers locations (the Glenmont location in MoCo has been sold).

UNFI will continue to own the Rockville and Germantown stores as they remain up for sale. We are told they will continue to invest in advertising and will work on prices to remain competitive and profitable moving forward, which could mean both stores will continue to operate for years to come.


7 Comments on "Update on Shoppers Grocery Stores"

  1. So when you say “Rockville”, you mean the one on Nicholson Lane with the “Kensingon” mailing address, correct?

  2. Who bought Glenmont?

    • Yes, Lidl…..in addition to the Wheaton location they also purchased 5 other Shoppers stores.

      There are still about 25 Shoppers in the Washington area waiting to be sold or closed.

  3. They are the only place I’ve found that sells cronuts

  4. So what will happen to glenmont shoper’s place any other grocery store will come or not.

  5. They sell blended chickpeas and Tahini in a can for cheap, Humus making has never been easier

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