Hank Dietle’s Has Officially Reopened

by MCS Staff

Hank Dietle’s Has Officially Reopened

Hank Dietle’s, the oldest bar in MoCo, located at 11010 Rockville Pike in Rockville officially reopened today, July 23, 2021 (today and tomorrow will be for ticketed events, while Sunday will be the first day open for the general public).

Back in February of 2018, Hank Dietle’s Tavern suffered damage after a fire, forcing it to close. Since then, a dedicated crew had been working hard to rebuild the tavern.

Hank Dietle’s had MoCo’s very first liquor license– after the fire, there was a lot of speculation about whether they would be allowed to have that original license number again. Luckily, they learned earlier this year that they will be able to keep that piece of MoCo history with liquor license 001 being restored for MoCo’s first bar.

Hank Dietle’s Tavern in Rockville was built in 1916 and first served as a general store until named “Offutt’s” until Hank Dietle took over in the 1950s. Before the fire, you’d also find a pool table, arcade games, and vintage bar furniture.

As their sign outside says, they were known for serving cold beer, but the only food they served were chips and peanuts inside (though there was usually a food truck outside).

If you’re curious about who has liquor license #002, check out a previous post of ours where we walk you through this unique spot.


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BLCKDGRD July 23, 2021 - 8:03 pm

Thank you for calling it Rockville, it is

HaroldAut July 24, 2021 - 7:50 am

Came here to see what they listed. I met the guy who either runs it or used to run it before the pandemic and asked him why he put north bethesda for Georgetown Prep School and he said they put whatever the press release or website says for each place. Low and behold Georgetown prep school has north bethesda on the website. I guess good old Dietle’s has Rockville.


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