Retro MoCo Ads – 1985

Retro MoCo Ads – 1985

Today we’ll be looking at local ads from thirty-five years ago from the County Courier!

While a lot has changed, there’s a surprising amount of businesses that have stood the test of time.  We’ll also be letting you know what occupies the space today in place of the businesses that didn’t survive.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Giant Food – Diamond Square & Germantown Commons
“We Care about You”
For comparison, today a USDA Chuck Roast will coast you $6.99 per pound!

NOW HIRING: This former Denny’s location is now home to a Criswell Dealership.  With the closing of the Montgomery Village Denny’s in 2018, there are no more Denny’s left in Montgomery County.

As for Red Lobster, according to, this location is still currently hiring for servers!

Don Hoffacker’s Air Conditioning and Heating has been in business since 1977!  Now is the perfect time to get your system checked as the weather gets colder.

Nothing beat browsing through the aisles of locally run video stores in the 80’s and 90’s. This Captain Video location is now TLC Dentistry. A review of Gallagher’s latest home video is a definite sign of the times.

Which local video store did you grow up with? Erol’s ranks #1 with readers of The MoCoShow.

6 TWELVE does not contribute to the delinquency of your children!
We’ve written about  6 TWELVE several times over the years. Here’s a 1985 ad detailing how wholesome the chain was compared to those other smut peddling quickie marts of the 80’s.  Your kids won’t be skipping school to play Pac-Man or sneaking a peak inside an issue of Playboy at 6 TWELVE!

Stay tuned for Retro Ads from 1990, coming next week!


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  2. Loved the nostalgia! I work for Rockville Interiors and wanted to email a pic of an old advertisment from 1983 for the next time you do this. Where can I email it to?

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